Månedens kelpie

Månedens kelpie er en skiftende præsentation af en Tarrawangas kelpie. Jeg synes, det kunne være lidt sjovt at følge med i, hvordan det går med hvalpene, det er jo ikke dem alle, jeg har så meget kontakt med. Jeg håber, I også vil synes, det er interessant at få lidt mere at vide om de forskellige kelpier.

tarrawangas greyson pTarrawangas Greyson lives in Tampere, Finland. He has two dog brothers, kelpie Daci (Tarrawangas Darcy) and mittelspitz Jekku  (Mikälie Markus Allan). Greyson is an energetic guy and whenever something happens, anything at all, he will be the first one there. He is always curious and wants to be involved in everything we do. Something about his curiosity tells, when one night we had a lost hedgehog in our backyard. As our other dogs would have stayed as far as possible from the hedgehog, Greyson went and poked it with his nose. So I had to call him inside so the hedgehog could find its way out. Quite a fearless guy our Greyson is  😀 He is not overly social, he likes to keep his distance and is a little reserved. But if you let him approach you in his own terms and in his own time, you've got a friend in him. 

He is an active fellow who needs a lot of brain activation. He loves all kinds of puzzles that he can solve, and is very patient solver. He very rarely asks for help. We also take our dogs to forest quite often, so they can run freely. The more hills, fallen trees and big rocks there are, the more Greyson loves it. I think he would be excellent in parkour.

We started our guided training with a long puppy course when Greyson was about six months old. I also activated him with all kind of scent training from when he was a puppy. For example at some mornings we would go to forest for his breakfast. I would spread the kibbles on 2x2m area and he would search. So it was natural that the next course was basics of nosework. Occasionally we do scent searches at home. The next thing was to start agility and that we have been training about six months now. Greyson does like that too. In this spring it is in my hopes that we would be starting some kind of tracking and trailing. The focus that Greyson has when he is doing anykind of scent work is incredible. I would also love, in the future, to try herding. So the world is open for us. What ever makes him happy. 

Greyson is a bit serious, but still fun loving dog, He loves to do everything with his family. He has courage, self confidence, has determination and shows signs that one day he might be the leader of our pack. All and all, happy dog and the best possible companion!

Kati Linnera

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